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Winter is time for ImmuneDx! Get your immune system in shape before the holidays



Based on 73 reviews
A great boost

Really gives me a boost when I am tired or my immune system needs help. Definitely something I like to have on hand.

This is the best sensitivities product I've ever come across. As a naturopathic doctor, I have no hesitation recommending the Plantiva products to my patients.

Plantiva ColdDx

Plantiva ColdDx is the absolute best product to stop discomfort. Every time I’ve taken it, it’s stopped the problem and I felt fine by the next day. I have to say thank you to all that have made this product possible.

As a MD, I was skeptical, but AllerDx works quickly and well

There's not much more to say. As a physician, I was skeptical. However, one or two caps works for me and for several others I have referred. So far, it has continued to work, but I try not to use it regularly, but only as needed.

Years of experience trusting AllerDx

At least 10+years ago I saw a woman doing a demo for Plantiva at Whole Foods, caught her during a lull so we had a while to talk. Id had environmental sensitivities my whole life and tried many natural products with little helpshe told me something like their product was designed to strengthen the parts of the body that focus sensitivities rather than masking symptoms, and explained it in clear details. She was generous with samples so I could try. It takes a lot to impress me but finally something that made a real difference and it did strengthen me. I have taken less and less over time because the sensitivities have subsided so much. Its been totally reliable for years. I was patient with the process and felt noticeable improvement.

Pollen and dust management

This product has been great for my pollen and dust problems. No heart racing as noted with some other products. Feel that I can manage discomfort more effectively and take more or less AllerDX as needed. So happy to have found a product like this!!

AllerDx 60-Capsule Bottle, Vegan
Gretchen Waymen-Palmer

Ordering was easy and came early !

Works for me

It works!

On a Saturday, I was feeling like my immune system needed some help. I took these pills according to instructions. With extra hydration and rest, by Monday morning, I was ready to go to work. Hardly missed a beat. I feel like these magic pills dramatically helped me out.

Best Remedy

I love Aller DX. One of my clients recommended this herbal blend and it works perfectly and very quickly. I seem to have sensitivity problems year-round and this is my go-to. I recommended it to a friend with high blood pressure who could no longer take other products and it worked perfectly for him, too. I always have this on hand, and it never disappoints. Thank you, Plantiva. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering herbal products. There are no side-affects and it works very quickly.

No more stuffy nose for me !

Works fast! I used to deal with bad sinus congestion and a tight sore throat when exposed to certain chemical cleaner smells at work . I would have to deal with a runny nose for days after being exposed. Not anymore this has taken care of that reaction!

Must have Immune Supoort

I have used the Immune product for years. So glad to find this in a local pharmacy. They recently went out of business and thankfully I could order direct from Plantiva. This product keeps us healthy thru the winter and when traveling. I never want to be without this product. Please keep making this product Plantiva!

Grateful for Plantiva Cold

I'm a big fan of Plantiva supplements! When I need it the Cold formula is my go to for support. The formulation has everything needed to help me. I always keep on hand just in case. Impressed with the fast shipping!

It's helping

Im always looking for something during pollen season (mostly spring for me) to mitigate the nasty response I get from the explosion of pollen where I live. This seems to be cutting back my need for other products. Next year I hope to start using this product before things get out of hand, and am very hopeful it will be proven to ward things off even more! Thanks! Give it a try!

Breath easily

Now that I am 84 I find that I react to tree and grass pollen, which makes breathing difficult; however, with Allerdx breathing is easy now.

Nothing quite like it

I am so grateful for having discovered AllerDX. Prior to that, the only thing that brought me relief from my pollen problems were products that were so heavy duty I had to take naps in the afternoon. Now, no side effects and relief from the pollen and molds. Give it a try and judge for yourself.

Fast and Amazing!

I have been using several other Plantiva products for decades, always impressed with their effectiveness. I received a couple sample packets of Digestiv and stuck one in my back bag, along with a couple of trusted other products.

On a weekend away from home, I was stricken with an unexpected bout of digestive problems, perhaps in reaction to the yucky pea protein now added to many products. Pea protein in coconut milk ice cream? Really?

Drank ginger tea and chewed dried ginger with no results. Then I remembered the Digestiv! I took two, then two more a short time later. Then one - the last one I had.

Wow! The unpleasant experience came to a stop. I was exhausted and drained, but improving rapidly, enough to drive 140 miles home.

Why was I surprised?? This is a Plantiva product, developed by my friends Dr. Stephen and Jenny Morrissey. IT WORKS! I ordered two bottles and will keep a supply forever.

By the way, now I inspect labels for "pea protein" and refuse any product containing it.

Immediate Reliefe

A recent onset of seasonal sensitivities forced me to consider AllerDx. Was pretty skeptical at first, but thought that the trial pack was a small enough commitment to give it a try. Every night for the last three nights I've taken 2 tablets just before bed. I haven't slept this soundly in a long time! No longer am I stuffed up trying to breathe through my mouth. My next "to do" is to order a full bottle so this become my new normal during the spring season.

help with pollution

For more than 6 years I have suffered constant sinus production of mucus night and day. I finally reflected on a similar problem when I lived In Los Angeles in the early 1970s. Constant post nasal drip, cough and itchy eyes from the smog. The air in the Twin Cities has increasingly become very polluted from traffic. With many tests, discussion with doctors, I had help from my friend who is aware of Plantiva's products. She suggested ALLER DX. I began to experiment with it. I have found that 6 per day with 2x day neti pot cleaning with Xlear solution has alleviated the problem 90%. I may increase the dose if this can be tolerated. I recommend this.

Nothing more effective

I have been taking AllerDX for over seven years. Before AllerDX I tried other products but got very little relief. Since starting AllerDX, the problem is finally under control. Plantiva is a wonderful company that I’m proud to support!


We have been using Immune for years and have had very few problems. A very good and effective product

Aller is awesome

I’ve ditched all of the other products. Aller works so fast and efficiently that I don’t need the others.

Amazing Product

I started using this almost 2yrs ago. It has made a huge difference. Very hard to find natural products that work well. Love that is works well with their other products as well. Stoked I can buy the packets again also.
Definitely recommend plantiva on a regular basis to people.


Please make more. This has been a game changer for me. I have not found anything that compares to it or even comes close to working as well.
I have recommended this to many people but unfortunately it is out of stock!!!!


I'm thankful for products like ColdDx so I can have more adventure time on the river!