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Based on 110 reviews
Plantiva Sticker
Ben Harding

Sticker looks great on my refrigerator.


I have been using AllerDX for several years. It has worked wonders for me without the side effects of other products I have taken. Keep up the good work.

Highly recommend I have had digestive itch issues for years

I have tried every product imaginable, And this is hands-down, the best for my digestion and stomach health. I recommend all my friends.

Digestiv 60-Capsule Bottle, Vegan

Smooth but too thick

The pen writes beautifully but would be more comfortable to hold off the body of it were a little more slender.

Hi Meghan,
Thanks for your comments! We'll keep them in mind for the next time we order pens.

The question is: Why?

We bought 4 bottles of AllerDX. Seemed kind of superfluous....

Hi Gregory,

Our web cart offers a menu of free gifts to choose from depending on how much you order. You may have hit the button for a free AllerDx packet by mistake, or else if you didn't choose a gift then our shipping staff may have thrown one in when they saw that you didn't select anything. You can use it a a convenient travel pack, or if you don't need it you could give it to someone to try the product. In either case, thanks for your inquiry and thanks for being a Plantiva customer!

The Plantiva Team

Works like a charm!

Have really bad seasonal sensitivities and this product works within 10 minutes to remove my issues. Magic!


This is a very effective formula! Works in minutes to open nasal pages and promote free breathing! Just wonderful!

Exceeded expectations

I experienced the first real relief from severely dry nasal congestion (air flow resistance) in many months after my first use of this formula. Other products had all already failed for me, leaving me despairing of any potential for to improve -- until the breakthrough I had with AllerDx. It's still early days, and I continue to relapse between doses, but because this formula is designed to bring about lasting reduction in hypersensitivities in the long term, and been shown to be able to achieve this over time, I try to focus on the longer journey during the ups and downs. It's especially impressive that Plantiva openly values and measures speed of response to this formula, because when nasal air flow is blocked, nothing could be more welcome to the sufferer than rapid relief.

I forgot to order this
through my distributor

immune dx

Immune DX has worked well for me for years. I take it when I feel the first need, or when I have been exposed to stresses. It usually relieves the issues completely, leaving me feeling well and able to go about my life.

Have used this product for a little over a month and I am very pleased with how it has increased my gut motility. Fairly impressive.

Good Stuff

Really works for me

Immune DX

A great and beneficial product!

great mini starter pack

Love that all the formulas are vegan, non-drowsy, and stimulant free. The Cold has 12 capsules, which is one day of 3 doses. Immune is 12 capsules, which is one day of 3 doses for immediate boost or 5 days of one dose. Aller has 4 capsules, which is one dose or 2 days of maintenance dose. Digestiv has 4 capsules, which is 2 doses. Great sampler pack. Wish Digestiv had more capsules at least 6 or 8.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your feedback! We'll consider it when we next make sample packs.
- Plantiva

Better than traditional products

Recently, I was struggling with sensitivities (stuffy, sore nose and blowing my nose all the time) that I've never had before, and the product really helped to stop these bothersome symptoms.

Immune Support Bundle
Debra Guiberson
The ColdDx vitamin is amazing!

I have to say that the ColdDx vitamin works so well, it’s the first thing I grab when I feel the slightest suspicion it's called for, and “BAM” it’s ok the next day!
I am a true customer for life!

More than expected

So excited to get these packets and try them. Started with the one to build my immune system since I was feeling out of whack. Love something healthier than the obvious choice!

Better than any other pollen relief tabs I've tried!

I've been a pollen sufferer since I was a baby and I'm 73 years old. I tried various things for years and nothing seemed to help. Finally after my partner started going to a very informed doctor in Colorado who was into traditional as well as alternative medicine he suggested to my partner he try AllerDx for seasonal relief. Since living in Colorado I didn't have much an issue but after moving to Hawaii my sensitivities came back with a vengeance. I decided to give them a try and they have worked a miracle. I can't do without them now. They have done for me that other solutions never could. No more runny nose, itchy ears and eyes and all the other discomforts from my sensitivities that kept me so miserable. I no longer have them because they've calmed down so I don't even notice them at all. I live in the rain forest of the Big Island so there is lots of mold and mildew, pollen and dust. So I'm very thankful that Plantiva has AllerDx so I don't have to suffer anymore even though it's come later in my life. Better later than never....


Works great for me!

Good product

This is an amazing supplement I add to my other products; really helps!


I have only used Allerdx one time. Seemed to relieve sinus pressure and without fatigue.

Still testing

I sneeze all day and have a clear runny nose every day. In desperation, I ordered AllerX and only have been able to use it all in about three weeks. I feel like it helped some but want to continue to watch for improvement

Hi Keri,

Thanks for your feedback! One of our practitioners will reach out by email to see if there is anything we can suggest that will help you further. There may be some steps you can take besides supplements. Or, if you prefer a phone call, please send your phone number to

Thanks again,
The Plantiva Team

Digestiv 60-Capsule Bottle, Vegan


Good stuff