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Research, Studies & Substantiation

Often, when companies say “backed by science” they mean some or all of the ingredients have been separately studied by various researchers around the world.  In the case of herbal studies, the plants studied may have been grown or processed differently than the ingredients you find in products that use such data to support claims. 

Plantiva has undertaken 9 blinded controlled studies on Plantiva’s whole formulas.  Some of our studies evaluate mechanisms like immune cell activity, others look at outcomes, e.g. did you feel better.  We’ve also undertaken human gene expression research as well as studies that combine mechanisms together with outcomes. 

Below are some of the studies we’ve performed on our formulas – the very formulas found in our products.




AllerDx has been tested in two randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover clinical studies. Study results showed that within 10-20 minutes, the subjects that received AllerDx began to show significantly improved nasal airflow compared to subjects that received placebo.*

One trial was a three-day study and the other was a longer one-month study. The results of both studies showed that within 10-20 minutes the subjects who received AllerDx demonstrated statistically significant improvement in nasal airflow compared to subjects that received placebo.*

In a four-week study, subjects were significantly less reactive to an irritant after taking 3 capsules per day for the first two weeks and 2 capsules per day for the second two-week period, demonstrating a proactive health maintenance immune system benefit.*

AllerDx Significantly Restored Nasal Airflow vs Placebo
Nasal Airflow Recovered faster, then Exceeded Baseline



Human Gene Expression Study

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induces the expression of pro-inflammatory genes. To examine the effect of ColdDx on the immune system, in-vitro gene expression experiments were performed on whole human blood exposed to LPS in the presence or absence of ColdDx. Blood samples were then assessed for the expression of 24 selected genes involved in inflammation by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (Q-PCR).

The figures illustrate the relative levels of gene expression.
Figure 1:  LPS stimulation increased the expression of inflammatory genes.
Figure 2:  Addition of ColdDx was able to significantly decrease the upregulation of the LPS-induced inflammatory genes, indicating that ColdDx helps modulate the inflammatory immune response.*
The data indicates a broad-spectrum benefit to the modulation of immune inflammatory genes.*



Human Clinical Study

A placebo-controlled human clinical study undertaken with 61 subjects was performed. Subjects consumed either placebo, 900 mg/day, or 1350 mg/day of ImmuneDx over a winter season alternating 2 weeks on and 1 week off. The frequency, severity and duration of immune challenges were reported. ImmuneDx was shown to significantly help subjects maintain healthy immune function over a winter season.*

Not only Fewer Immune Challenges, but also Less Severe

Preclinical Study

ImmuneDx was shown to significantly increase:
• B-cell and T-cell (lymphocyte) production*
• Macrophage phagocytic activity*
• Antibody production*

Nearly Double the production of White Blood Cells
Nearly Double the production of Antibodies


2ND WIND    


Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Studies

In a double blind, placebo-controlled treadmill study, 2ND WIND significantly improved lactate clearance and heart rate recovery. In a second double blind, placebo-controlled cycling study, the 2ND WIND group performed a cycling trial 18% faster than placebo.*

After exercise, 2ND WIND Significantly Reduced the buildup of Lactic Acid & Recovery Time*
2ND WIND beat placebo by 54 seconds in a 5-minute time trial!*

Preclinical Study

In a blinded, placebo-controlled, preclinical study, those treated with 2ND WIND demonstrated increased exercise endurance, resistance to fatigue and improved blood lactate clearance.*

Lactic Acid & 2ND WIND

2ND WIND accelerates athletic recovery by enhancing the clearance and redistribution of lactic acid. In the process, it increases stamina and endurance by utilizing the lactic acid for energy elsewhere in the body.*

Two blinded human studies have shown that 2ND WIND more than doubled the clearance of lactic acid from the blood in the 15 minutes after exercise.
Lactic acid (or lactate) has long been considered a metabolic waste product causing muscle burn and a decrease in reaction time and endurance.
Now researchers have shown that lactic acid is actually an important source of fuel: lactic acid “combustion” equals or exceeds glucose combustion during exercise. It is believed to be the heart’s primary energy source during exercise.*