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Questions about Individual Products: See the FAQ section at the bottom of the individual product page.

General Product Questions

Q: Do your products have any commonly known allergens?
A: We strive to avoid known allergens as ingredients. However, we cannot guarantee the products are free from traces of allergens that may result from other ingredients processed in the same facilities.

Q: Are these products vegan or gluten free?
A: Our products are vegan. Plantiva products are not certified gluten free (GF), but our products are formulated without ingredients that inherently contain gluten. Traces may occur due to cross-contamination in the manufacturing facility.

Q: My stomach doesn’t tolerate mushrooms very well. Can I still take your products that have mushroom ingredients?
A: Mushrooms (i.e., fungi) are a diverse kingdom of organisms with a wide range of biochemistries; and different parts of the mushroom also have different biochemistries. Just because grocery store mushrooms (which are fruiting bodies typically of the genus Agaricus) don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean you’ll react the same way to other types of mushrooms. Also, the mushroom in Digestiv can calm the effects of stress on the stomach which can help with tolerance. We always urge caution, but it’s quite possible you’ll find that the mushrooms in our products don’t pose the same problems you’ve had with other mushrooms. As long as there’s no risk of a severe allergic reaction, we suggest you start with just one capsule and see how you feel.

Q: What is mushroom “mycelium” and why do you use it in your products?
A: The mushrooms we normally eat are the “fruiting body” of the fungus, a temporary structure which only appears when the fungus is ready to make spores for reproduction. The main body of the fungus consists of “mycelium,” a fibrous mat of cells that grows through the soil or other substrate. There are biochemical differences between fruiting bodies vs. mycelium. We’ve selected the form that we’ve found to be most efficacious and well-tolerated for our products.

Q: Are your products safe and natural?
A: All Plantiva products are natural formulas made from proprietary blends of beneficial plant extracts and other ingredients, and are tested for heavy metals, microbes, and other contaminants. Ensuring the consumer’s long-term tolerance of the products is one of our top priorities.

Q: Do your products have any known side-effects?
A: We are not aware of any side effects to our formulas, although some herbs are not recommended for use while pregnant or nursing. However, we always suggest you should consult your healthcare practitioner about all supplement use.

Q: Is it safe to take my regular medications and supplements in combination with these from Plantiva?
A: In general, we are not aware of specific drug interactions with our formulas. However, we are not medical doctors. You should always talk to your healthcare practitioner about possible interactions.

Other Questions

Q: Your formulas are different from others I’ve seen, and look complex. Why is that?
A: Our diets, lifestyles, genetics, and environmental factors all conspire to cause imbalances that lead us away from optimal health. Restoring our health requires a complex suite of ingredients which work together, often on multiple organ systems and physiologic pathways, to rebuild the foundations to our vibrant well-being.

Q: How were these formulas developed?
A: Plantiva’s formulas are developed under the direction of Dr. Stephen Morrissey OMD, the former chair of the Department of Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University. Dr. Morrissey has decades of experience treating patients, combining acupuncture, herbalism and biophysics into a uniquely effective formulation system for herbal healthcare products.

His formulas were originally developed and refined during his years of clinical practice, and have been scientifically validated in bioassays and double blind clinical studies.

Plantiva was formed to make these invaluable products available to the general public at affordable prices.

Q: How are Plantiva’s products designed to help our bodies?
A: Plantiva’s products are formulated to address the physiological imbalances at the root of many health issues, and also the immediate discomforts these imbalances cause us.

Q: Are these products clinically proven and patented?
A: Many of our products are clinically proven, patented or both.

Q: Do you offer free samples of your products?
A: We occasionally do offer free samples of our products, for various reasons! Please email us at to see if the product you are interested in has a free sample available.

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