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Orange California poppies

Wildflower Week Celebration, Sale and Benefit Drive

Wildflower Week Celebration, Sale and Benefit Drive

The Plantiva property in May is a sight to behold, with wildflowers everywhere and the air dripping with perfume from the Old Garden Roses.

Lady Hillingdon yellow roses

Lady Hillingdon roses

We love flowers and we love bees, so we're having another sale to benefit the Bee Girl Organization!

BGO is a grassroots nonprofit working on conservation, research, and education throughout several West Coast and Rocky Mountain states to promote native bee habitat conservation and agricultural practices that protect bees. You can learn more at

White and pink birds-eye gilia flowers, purple blue-eyed grass, orange California poppies
Birds-eye gilia, blue-eyed grass and California poppies

We love BGO's work and are happy to support them.

So to celebrate Wildflower Week (May 1-7), we're having a huge sale - all our bottles are 15% off. Plus, 10% of all proceeds will go to the Bee Girl Organization!

Purple-blue long-tubed iris

Long-tubed iris

We've spent years planting as many kinds of native plants and wildflowers around the Plantiva property as we can. Seeing them come back every year is truly a delight! And the bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators just love them.

Red trillium flowers and green trillium leaves

 Giant purple wakerobin

We hope you'll join us in supporting BGO this week, and that you'll be inspired to plant some gorgeous native wildflowers around your own property!

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