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A diagram of the digestive system shows the main digestive organs inside a translucent representation of a human body. The esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and colon are depicted.

The Ultimate Gut Health Hack


The Ultimate Gut Health Hack

A diagram of the digestive system shows the main digestive organs inside a translucent representation of a human body. The esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and colon are depicted.

The body’s digestive system is incredibly complex, with many different organs working together with the trillions of microorganisms of the gut (i.e., the “microbiome”) to efficiently digest food and absorb nutrients.

Some of the most popular products in the grocery store are digestive aids. Products that make your bowels move or stop them from moving, or that relieve gas or reduce acid…there’s a product for every digestive complaint, enough to stock your entire cabinet just with digestive aids!

Why so many different products? Because each one addresses one kind of discomfort – but none of them gets to the root of the problems.

At Plantiva, we take a different approach. Rather than focusing on one digestive problem or another, we’ve developed a product that stops the problems at their source by comprehensively strengthening and rebalancing digestive organs and their function. When your stomach, intestines, and other organs are working properly, problems like occasional constipation, nausea, and indigestion disappear.*

Plantiva’s DigestivTM is the result of decades of research and development. We’ve experimented with hundreds of ingredients, searching for just the right combination. Our founder and formulator, Dr. Morrissey, eventually settled on five key botanicals that work together to soothe, strengthen and rejuvenate the digestive organs.

Here’s how Dr. Morrissey explains it:

In my late 20’s I did a survival-based U-turn and enrolled in a 4-year doctoral program in Oriental medicine because I couldn’t find any practitioner who knew how to help my digestion recover from a severe bout of food poisoning. The after-effects took a toll on many aspects of my health, from immunity to sleep, for well over a decade.  I started trying probiotics back in the 1970’s, but adding healthy bacteria didn’t address the complexity of the problem. Over several decades I developed numerous herbal and other formulas to strengthen digestive organs, which really helped, but when I added an ingredient to reduce the effects of stress on digestion, the benefits reached a new level. 
Strengthening and rebalancing digestive organs like the stomach, pancreas, and small intestine promotes a “push me pull you” solution (coined by the famous Dr Doolittle). What that means is there needs to be an organ, a healthy stomach, that sends food downward through the GI tract at the right rate and other organs, like a healthy pancreas, that hold foods up from going too quickly through the GI tract. When the rate of movement through the GI tract is normalized, the organisms in the GI tract that help process nutrients can do their job properly. This approach can help resolve a wide range of GI tract problems from one end where you can have stomach acid travelling upward (wrong direction) to the other end where there might be either sluggish or overactive bowels.* 


The results have been amazing, and our customers have noticed! We have practitioners that carry our products, and one of them recently commented that none of his other digestive products sell very well any more – his patients only want Digestiv!

Here’s a sampling of what consumers have had to say:

The gentle plant compounds do "the trick" without an overreaction and actually support my own natural inner process as opposed to overstimulating a bowel movement. I have become "normal" for the first time in my life. No joke. - Susan
This has been a game changer for me. I have not found anything that compares to it or even comes close to working as well. - Timothy
Thank you Plantiva for another winning formula that truly works. After trying countless unsuccessful digestive aids, Digestiv is now my go-to friend for alleviating gas and bloating symptoms. Daily use of Digestiv has allowed me to feel more confident in the company of others, knowing that my stomach issues are reduced. I can now focus on the social fun instead of my digestive worries. Digestiv is a life changer.  - Marina
On a weekend away from home, I was stricken with an unexpected bout of digestive problems, perhaps in reaction to the yucky pea protein now added to many products. Drank ginger tea and chewed dried ginger with no results.  Then I remembered the Digestiv!…Wow!  The unpleasant experience came to a stop.  I was exhausted and drained, but improving rapidly, enough to drive 140 miles home.  - Carol


What’s more, healthy digestion improves every aspect of your body – from your hair and nails to your skin, joints, brain, immune system, and more!*

Your digestive tract is THE foundation of good health.

Conversely, improper digestive function contributes to chronic inflammation that manifests in skin problems, joint problems, brain fog, sleeplessness, and worse. Digestiv – especially when used in combination with AllerDx® – is formulated specifically to help with food intolerances that can manifest as discomforts and dysfunction throughout the body.*

So do your body a favor and get your GI tract working properly! Give Digestiv a try, and see how your health improves.*

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