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AllerDx season is in full swing! Grab yours now - it's the only natural product delivering relief in minutes!

$3000 Fall into Fitness and Health Giveway

$3000 Fall into Fitness and Health Giveway

Fall Into Fitness and Health Giveaway for $3000

We’ve teamed up with RY Outfitters to bring you over $3,000 worth of truly amazing health, fitness, and wellness prizes! One lucky winner will receive products from all the participating brands.
The Plantiva prize package (worth $400) includes -
* 12 bottles of Plantiva products - 1 each of AllerDx, ImmuneDx, ColdDx, & Digestiv plus 8 bottles of your choice
* 12 resealable travel packs of AllerDx
* Plantiva T-shirt
* 25 oz CamelBak water bottle with Plantiva logo
* Stickers, hatpin, and other swag
* Your personal coupon code for a future order or to share with friends
Registering to win is easy! Don’t wait though, this is a limited time offer!


Enter the sweepstakes here.


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